Midland North Prospect
Midland County, Texas

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The Midland North Prospect consists of 326 acres located in the south half of section 9, Blk X HP Hilliard Survey, Midland County, Texas. The primary objective of this project is to drill and complete Wolfberry Type of vertical wells in order to HBP the acreage. Four Vertical wells have been drilled to date on the prospect acreage. Two of the 4 Wells drilled on this acreage have been completed in as many as 10 different formations ranging from the Atoka, Bend and Strawn (Pennsylvanian) up thru the Wolfcamp Formation and into the Lower Spraberry. See Type log with perforations marked. The last two vertical wells drilled are completed in the lowest horizon being the Atoka formation around 11,400’. This area of the northern Midland basin appears to be very prolific for drilling horizontal wells thru one of the many horizons that are productive in this area. This project is prime for adding acreage in the surrounding area in order to develop this area using horizontal technology to better drain the many different productive horizons.

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Prospect Summary

Moss Partnership 9 lease (192 acres)

Midland North 1a

Smith Hughes 9 lease (134 acres)

Midland North - Midland 5 Well xsec

There is a total of 326 acres (gross & net) on these two leases, which cover the south one-half (S/2) of Section 9, Block X, HP Hilliard Survey, Midland County. We own a 33 acre surface tract in the northeast part of the S/2 of Section 9, which allows us unobstructed operations near a residential area within the City Limits.

The City of Midland has a strict ordinance that covers oil and gas operations, and all of our activity fully complies with these regulations.

These two leases each contain two wells (the SH 9 #1 and #2, and the MP 9 #1 and #2). Each of the #1 wells are completed and producing; the #2 wells are only open and completed in the deepest of ten “frac zones”. These two latter wells will be frac stimulated (i.e., 10-stage frac jobs pumped in the gross interval from 8500’ to 11,300’) in the near future.

The SH 9 #1 is a vertical wellbore; the other 3 are deviated about 16 deg to comply with surface constraints.

These wells are connected to the tank batteries that are located alongside each other. Casinghead gas is routed 2-1/2 miles through our sales line, and is contracted and sold to WTG Gas Processing LP. Crude oil is currently sold to and trucked by Plains Marketing LP.

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This prospect is subject to prior sale and/or withdrawal without notice.

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